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NSAP® Director, Bill Anderson Jr., presents at Worldwide Ferry Safety Association Conference

Date: Jun 03, 2016

Mr. Anderson described MITAGS-PMI's highly successful Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAP®), which provides objective assessments of deck officers’ capabilities, and also explained that a comparable program is now being developed for engine room officers. He highlighted efforts in the Ferry sector of the market, where a simulation could be built for a specific vessel in specific area. He mentioned work for the Staten Island Ferry (which is headed up by Captain DeSimone), and for Victoria, BC, where operational guidelines were created for vessels that would be operating in the area. Unlike many other simulation training operators, MITAGS actually builds the models – rather than taking the models provided by the simulator vendor. Anderson urged the industry to think about simulations and training holistically, rather than in a stove-piped manner. The latter method is largely driven by regulation. But, he asks, is this the best way to drive safety?